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Your retirement under your control. Let's make it happen. 

In today's environment, where your pension alone might not be enough to give you a comfortable retirement, supplementing that future income with a 403(b) plan is more important than ever. That's where Semester Strategiessm comes in, a simplified investment strategy available through your EQUI-VEST® variable annuity contract.

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Semester StrategiesSM client brochure

Download the Semester Strategiessm client brochure to learn more details of the program designed specifically for educators, like you.

What makes Semester Strategiessm unique? Let's take a look.

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A simplified strategy

With Semester StrategiesSM and the help of your Financial Professional, it is now easier for you to make smart choices. Your Financial Professional is there to meet with you and have conversations about your needs and your financial goals, to discuss the age you plan to retire and your comfort with changes in the market and tolerance for risk, and to guide you toward the option that best aligns with you.

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Designed exclusively for educators

Semester StrategiesSM was designed with the unique retirement needs of educators and other public service employees. It works alongside your pension and moves through life with you – towards the comfortable retirement you deserve.

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Evolves with you

One of the challenges in saving for retirement is finding time to periodically review your investment choices to keep them aligned with your life. Your Financial Professional is always there to help guide you, but Semester StrategiesSM adds something extra. Offered through an independent third-party fiduciary1, Semester StrategiesSM takes into account the need for growth potential earlier on, while monitoring and adjusting into a more conservative approach over time to help ensure you're getting closer to your goals.

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Expert oversight at no extra cost to you

The independent third-party provides oversight on your selected model portfolio within Semester StrategiesSM at no extra cost to you and is required by law to act in your best interest.

Putting you in control, that's what we're here for.

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1If available under your employer's plan, you may generally enroll in the model portfolio and investment advisory services program (i.e., Semester Strategiessm) of SWBC Investment Advisory Services LLC ("SWBC") to manage your account value. The Program will allocate your account value among the variable investment options, guaranteed interest option (GIO) and Segments in the SIO, based on your set time horizon, risk tolerance and investment return objectives derived by SWBC from information you provide to SWBC. SWBC Retirement Plan Services is an unaffiliated third-party and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SWBC, which was established in 1976. Advisory services are offered by SWBC Investment Advisory Services, LLC, d/b/a SWBC Retirement Plan Services, a Registered Investment Advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission. SWBC Retirement Plan Services focuses exclusively on serving the retirement plan market. Equitable has entered into an agreement to make SWBC Retirement Plan Services' fiduciary services available to EQUI-VEST® clients through Semester Strategiessm.

A variable deferred annuity, such as EQUI-VEST®, is a long-term financial product that is designed for retirement purposes. In essence, it is a contractual agreement in which payments are made to an insurance company, which agrees to pay an income stream or lump-sum amount at a later date. There are contract limitations, fees and charges associated with variable deferred annuities, which include, but are not limited to, mortality and expense risk charges, withdrawal charges and administrative fees. For costs and complete details, see the prospectus or contact your financial professional. The variable investment options offered in this contract will fluctuate and are subject to market risk, including loss of principal.

As is the case with any investment or investment feature, it's important for current and prospective EQUI-VEST® variable annuity contract holders to understand all applicable restrictions and limitations associated with Semester Strategies. As some examples, the EQUI-VEST® variable annuity contract holder's Planned Retirement Age cannot be later than the maturity date under their contract, and those currently invested in the Personal Income Benefit (PIB) are not eligible to participate in Semester Strategiessm ("Program") at this time. Also, those with current investments in the Structured Investment Option (SIO) may not be eligible to participate in the Program if their current SIO allocations are higher than the Model Portfolio allocations to the SIO.

The EQUI-VEST® variable annuity is offered by prospectus, which provides important information about the annuity's restrictions, limitations, risks, charges, expenses, and investment objectives. Current EQUI-VEST® contract holders, please consult your prospectus and the prospectus for the underlying portfolios containing this and other important information. Prospective clients, please contact Equitable or an Equitable Advisors financial professional for these prospectuses and read them carefully before you invest or send money.

Important note: Equitable believes that education is a key step toward addressing your financial goals, and we've designed this material to serve simply as an informational and educational resource. Accordingly, this brochure does not offer or constitute investment advice and makes no direct or indirect recommendation of any particular product or the appropriateness of any particular investment-related option. Your needs, goals and circumstances are unique, and they require the individualized attention of your financial professional.

EQUI-VEST® is a registered service mark of, and is issued by, Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company, NY, NY 10104. Equitable Advisors Financial Professionals offer securities through Equitable Advisors, LLC (NY, NY, 212-314-4600), member FINRA, SIPC, and offer annuity and insurance products through Equitable Network, LLC (Equitable Network Insurance Agency of California, LLC; Equitable Network Insurance Agency of Utah, LLC; Equitable Network of Puerto Rico, Inc.).

Variable Annuities: Are Not a Deposit of Any Bank • Are Not FDIC Insured • Are Not Insured by Any Federal Government Agency • Are Not Guaranteed by Any Bank or Savings Association • May Go Down in Value

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