401(k) plans

Prepare for a comfortable retirement with a 401(k) plan

A 401(k) plan is one of the best ways for people to save enough money to live the life they want in retirement. It’s designed for professionals, has the flexibility to adjust as their needs change and can help them turn their salary into a more comfortable retirement.

Helping you accumulate the money you need to live the life you want

How can a 401(k) plan help you save?

  • Every dollar counts 
    Start saving whatever amount works for you, start or stop, decrease or increase contributions up to the federal maximum, at any time.
  • After you enroll, it’s automatic
    You pay yourself, because your savings are deducted right from your paycheck.
  • You have the flexibility
    Select the investments you're most comfortable with – and change them when you want.
  • You won’t pay taxes on contributions while you're saving
    Contributions into a 401(k) plan are deducted from your salary before income taxes, meaning that taxes are deferred until you withdraw the money from the account, which is typically when you're retired and often in a lower tax bracket. That means all earnings stay invested, letting money grow faster than it would in a taxable account. 

Do you have a retirement plan through work?

Evaluate your retirement income potential using our retirement calculator. Make adjustments and add in other savings to see how changes affect your goals.


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An annuity contract used to fund a qualified employer-sponsored retirement arrangement should be considered for its features and benefits other than tax deferral. For such cases, tax deferral is not an additional benefit of the annuity. The relative features, benefits and costs of an annuity should be considered alongside with any other investment that one may have in connection with his or her retirement plan or arrangement. 

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