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We’re here to help you prepare your clients for any return environment.

Build confidence during market volatility with our tools and resources 

Nearly half (46%) of investors say market volatility makes their lives stressful.1  With our tools, resources and insights, you can help clients feel confident about their investment portfolio and maintain a long-term perspective.

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Patience is a great investment strategy

Help clients understand how time in the market, not timing the market, is an important part of their investment strategy.

What time can teach clients about investing

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Ease your clients concerns about market volatility

Market volatility may tempt clients to change their target allocations and, in some cases, may provide new investment opportunities.

Are your clients worried about volatility?

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Five questions clients ask during volatile times

In times of market volatility, your clients may reach out for reassurance. Explore five key questions your clients could be asking about their retirement plan strategy.

Five questions your clients may ask during market volatility

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Understand the emotional cycles of the market

Help your clients maintain a long-term perspective and manage their emotions during turbulent times.

Emotional cycles of the market

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Take 5 Views latest viewpoints

Get timely market commentary from Equitable Investment Management (EIM).

Take 5

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The ups and downs of income planning

Market volatility has become our new normal and 2024 is no exception. Here are five ways to educate clients on portfolio protection.

Educate clients on portfolio protection

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At Equitable, we manage market volatility with strength and innovation

With more than 160 years of experience, we have an extensive understanding of up, down and flat markets. During uncertain times, our enduring strength helps your clients face the future with courage and wisdom.

Equitable Enduring Strength brochure

Equitable Financial maintains consistently high ratings from A.M. Best, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s.2

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Steve Scanlon's latest annuity insights

Steve Scanlon, head of Individual Retirement at Equitable, explains why financial professionals should consider annuities in their pursuit to build resilient client portfolios.

Fresh perspective: In today’s market backdrop, protection products deserve a closer look

Investment News podcast


Industry-leading investment strategies and retirement plan insights to help your clients weather market volatility.

Retirement Cornerstone® provides an innovative way to protect and grow retirement income

The sequence of investment returns can be one of volatility’s biggest threats in a down market. Our Retirement Cornerstone® variable annuity offers clients a level of protection against market volatility and more ways to grow retirement income, including interest-based increases, market-based increases and by withdrawing less than their maximum annual amounts so the remainder can continue to compound.

Teach your clients about guaranteed retirement income

Barron's front cover - Annuity payouts are booming. Their popularity is, too.
Equitable has consistently ranked in multiple categories for 100 Best Annuities in 2023.
Barron's 100 Best Annuities for 2023

Life insurance

A smart way to manage market volatility: our Market Stabilizer Option® II (MSO II)

Our innovative MSO II Indexed Options provide your clients with more flexibility, choice and equity upside potential in up, down and flat markets. The Market Stabilizer Option® II is available with all our individual variable universal life insurance products.

Workplace retirement plans 

An employer-sponsored retirement plan is an important benefit offered by most of your business clients. However, that’s just the first step.

Plan participants still need a way to effectively manage market volatility as they save during their working years. Semester Strategies®, available through EQUI-VEST® group variable annuity, offers model portfolios that help diversify retirement assets while offering partial downside protection when markets decline.

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1 Wells Fargo/Gallup Investor and Retirement Optimism Index Survey, December 2016.

2 Source:

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