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In 2024, there will be the largest surge of American’s turning age 65. With over 11,000 each day, and 4.1 million each year through 2027,¹ guaranteed retirement income will be top of mind for an unprecedented number of people. Now’s the time to educate your clients on the importance of including retirement plan strategies that provide protected income in their portfolios so they can feel confident about their retirement journey.

2024 Peak to greatness

2024 will see the largest surge of Americans turning 65


people have turned 65 today (so far)

Approximately 11,000 people per day and counting.

Source: Alliance for Lifetime Income

See how Social Security and Medicare can impact your clients' retirement income

With an unprecedented number of people about to enter their retirement years, it’s essential to understand the retirement income gap so you can help clients reach their peak retirement potential.

The retirement landscape continues to shift with the aging population, increased life expectancy, market volatility and changes in the economy.

Help clients understand how programs like Social Security and Medicare impact their retirement income and which factors they should consider in securing their future retirement.

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Social Security

Despite 73% of consumers counting on Social Security in retirement, fewer than two in 10 are very confident in the solvency of Social Security.2

Social Security was designed as a supplemental source of retirement income that offers many Americans a basic foundation to build upon their retirement plans. As clients shift from salary to self-generated income, they may see that Social Security is not enough for the retirement they want.

Help clients manage their expectations and maximize their benefits by creating an income bridge to Social Security benefits.

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Rising healthcare costs and increased life expectancies are key considerations when building a flexible retirement income plan for your clients. 

While Medicare can cover a great deal of necessary healthcare costs, it may not cover all long-term care needs. Even if a client is fully covered by Medicare, they are still responsible for certain premiums and out-of-pocket expenses.

The opportunity for financial professionals

Now’s the time to help navigate clients toward their 2024 retirement milestones 

As Americans grow more concerned about retirement savings, a customized retirement income plan can help give your clients peace of mind.

The number of Americans aged 65 years and older will increase from about 58 million in 2022 to about 75 million by 2035.3
Fifty one percent of consumers feel they do not have enough retirement savings to last their lifetime.2
Only one in four Americans believe they have financial freedom.4

Start the retirement income conversation 

Help clients understand

When it comes to retirement income, it’s important for clients to understand how much they’ll need and how they can protect their wealth. With options for protected lifetime income and opportunities for growth, annuities can help solve the retirement income gap and give your clients more confidence.

Help clients plan

According to the Alliance for Lifetime Income, consumers who are protected by a pension or own an annuity that offers the opportunity for partial downside protection* have a significantly more positive outlook on their retirement.2 With our range of innovative products and resources, you can build customized retirement income plans that meet your clients’ unique needs.

Resources to help clients plan for retirement

Widows: Seven ways a financial professional can help plan for a secure retirement

Key financial numbers

Create tax-smart strategies and manage your clients’ expectations with our overview of 2024 key financial numbers, including tax rates, retirement plan contribution limits and more.

* With regard to the partial downside protection feature within certain variable annuity products, there is a risk of a substantial loss of principal and previously credited interest because the contract holder agrees to absorb all losses to the extent that they exceed the downside protection provided. 

Explore more Equitable strategies

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Create resilient retirement portfolios to meet your clients’ income needs in changing markets. Learn more about how to give your clients a level of protection.

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Tax smart

Consider an asset location strategy that may help reduce your clients’ taxes and potentially increase their retirement income.

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Women and investing
Women are expected to control $30 trillion in financial assets by 2030.5 Use our women and investing resources to help prepare your clients to retire with confidence.
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Market volatility
Time in the market, not timing the market, may be crucial to your clients’ investment strategies. Explore our investment and market volatility resources to learn more.
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Strategies to navigate retirement savings

Teaching clients how to invest in themselves can be an important step on the road to retirement even when the future feels far away. By sharing resources and insights with your clients, you can help them reach their retirement income goals.

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With regard to variable annuities, clients should carefully consider their investment objectives and the charges, risks and expenses, as stipulated in the prospectus, before investing. For a prospectus containing this and other information, a financial professional can call the Sales Desk at (888) 517-9900. Please have clients read it carefully before investing or sending money.

A variable annuity is a long-term financial product designed for retirement purposes. In essence, annuities are contractual agreements in which payment(s) are made to an insurance company, which agrees to pay out an income or a lump-sum amount at a later date. There are fees and charges associated with a variable annuity contract, which include, but are not limited to, operations charges, sales and withdrawal charges, administrative fees, and additional charges for optional benefits. Withdrawals are subject to ordinary income tax treatment and, if taken prior to age 59½, may be subject to an additional 10% federal income tax penalty. Variable annuities are subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of principal invested.

Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the issuing life insurance company. If clients are purchasing an annuity contract to fund an IRA or employer-sponsored retirement plan, they should understand that such annuities do not provide tax deferral benefits beyond those already provided by the Internal Revenue Code.

Variable annuities and life insurance are issued by Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company (Equitable Financial) (NY, NY) and, depending on the particular contract and its distributor, by Equitable Financial Life Insurance of America (Equitable America), an AZ stock company with an administrative office located in Charlotte, NC. Co-distributed by affiliates Equitable Distributors, LLC and Equitable Advisors, LLC (member FINRA, SIPC) (Equitable Financial Advisors in MI & TN).

Equitable Financial, Equitable America and their affiliates do not provide tax or legal advice or services. Clients should consult with their own professional tax and legal advisors regarding their particular circumstances. “Equitable” refers here to Equitable Financial and to Equitable Financial America, issuers of variable annuity products. Overall, Equitable is the brand name of the retirement and protection subsidiaries of Equitable Holdings, Inc., including Equitable Financial, Equitable America and Equitable Distributors, LLC. The obligations of Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company and Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company of America are backed solely by their own claims-paying abilities.

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