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Our condolences on the loss of your loved one. We know this is a difficult time for you and we want to do all we can to help you through it.

Begin the claim process by notifying us

What you can expect when filing your claim

Understand the process and what comes next

Notify Equitable to start the claim

This first step in the process is to notify Equitable, which helps us identify the main pieces of information necessary to file a legal claim; including names, addresses, social security numbers, date of death, etc.

Complete the official claim paperwork

The online notification you completed triggers our team to review the details and send you the proper claim form paperwork. We also have a claim forms library here if you need to search for a specific form.

Return your completed and signed claim forms

You will mail your completed and signed claim forms back to Equitable for final review and filing. If not specified within your claim form kit, you can find return addresses here.

Track claim status & stay in touch
In about 5 business days, your claim will be reviewed and filed, if complete. At this point you will receive an email confirmation with a claim ID #. You can use this claim ID # to set up a claimant account in our client portal that will allow you to track claim status, payments and better stay in touch with us.

We're here for you, with resources to help with each step along the way.


Beneficiary resources     Notify Equitable to start a claim    Get in touch with a claim specialist

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Need to get in touch?

Annuity Claims:

(800) 789-7771

Life Claims:

(800) 777-6510


(800) 628-6673

Employee Benefits:

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Death After Retirement/Group Pension/Annuity Benefits:

(800) 245-1230