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Enrolling in a 403(b) is a smart investment in your future.

  • Youll likely need between 60 – 100% of your final working years salary to comfortably retire.
  • Pensions and social security alone may not be enough savings to secure that future.
  • It’s important and smart to enroll in a 403(b) to supplement your other retirement savings.
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$150 in pre-tax dollars per pay period into your 403(b), your savings could grow to $332,230 in 30 years.1

We value educators

As educators everywhere rise to the challenges of COVID-19 in order to continue shaping their students’ futures, Equitable is working to help educators shape and secure theirs.

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“Our Students Are Depending on Us”: Teaching Through COVID-19

Educators are on the front lines, ensuring students continue to learn, while they, too, battle mental and emotional effects of the pandemic. Learn more about their heroic stories in our latest article in partnership with Atlantic Re:think.

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What is a 403(b)?

A 403(b) is like a 401(k) but for educators

How a 403(b) works
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A 403(b) fits into any phase of your life
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Easily estimate your retirement income need

I am years old and earn a year.

I have saved for retirement and contribute every . Annual salary must be between $20,000 and $500,000. Savings must be between $0 and $9,999,999. Maximum yearly contribution is $18,500 for people aged 49 and under. For people who turn 50 by the end of the year a catch-up contribution allowance of $6,000 is permitted. Contribution cannot be more than annual salary ($).

Why work with a financial professional?

Research shows that educators are happier with their 403(b) when engaged with a financial professional.

18 percent
Eighteen percent higher satisfaction with retirement plans
2 x
Two times higher median account balance

Find more education and research in our Enhancing Outcomes whitepaper.

Source: Equitable's Value of the Advisor study 2018.

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This assumes a hypothetical 7.5% return and there are no withdrawals. Withdrawals are subject to ordinary income tax and, if made before age 59½, may be subject to an additional 10% federal income tax. This example is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to represent an expected or guaranteed rate of return for any investment vehicle. This example does not take potential taxes, investment management fees or product-related charges into account. Your rate of return will vary. Amounts are fully taxable upon withdrawal and the accumulation values illustrated will be reduced, based on an individual’s tax rate.

LIMRA, Not-for-Profit Survey, Q1, 2020 Results, based on 403(b) plan participants and contributions. Equitable" is the brand name of Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company (NY, NY).  Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company (New York, NY) issues life insurance and annuity products. The obligations of Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company are backed solely by their claims-paying ability. Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company(NY, NY) was founded in 1859.

The 160-year history reference applies exclusively to Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company.