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Market volatility and uncertainty about the future can create an overwhelming sense of unease for your clients, especially in these unstable times. We are here to provide you with resources to guide your clients and help them face their futures with confidence.

Simple ideas can lead to big advantages

Equitable had an idea to look at life in a new way with Equitable Advantage Maxsm. By providing tax-deferred growth, potential tax-free income and an income tax-free death benefit with a 48-hour approval process, Equitable Advantage Maxsm can change the way people look at retirement planning with life insurance.

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Guiding clients through times of uncertainty

During times of market volatility, clients have a harder time facing their future with confidence. Equitable is here to help.

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Providing more clarity, efficiency, and flexibility

As the pioneer of variable life, we’ve never stopped improving our VUL products. See how much more your clients get with VUL Legacy® and VUL Optimizer®.

Protection is just the beginning

When your clients hear the words “life insurance” they probably think term life insurance. But permanent life policies offer ways to protect families, AND accumulate tax-deferred cash value over time, potentially helping minimize taxes. Use this video to help your clients understand.

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Using life insurance to help preserve income in retirement

Market performance in the earliest years can make or break a client's long-term retirement.  But, with cash value life insurance, clients can take available withdrawals during down-market years to help preserve their assets.

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How to have “conversation” about long-term care

It’s often difficult for your clients to discuss long-term care and end-of-life issues and needs with their parents or children. This webinar provides a good starting point.

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Meet our Advanced Markets team

Committed to working alongside you, our team of industry-leading attorneys and case design specialists provide custom advice, actionable strategies, and proven results to help meet your needs and those of your clients.

Working with us

We go out of our way to deserve your business

When you work with us, you’ll discover that we offer extra assistance when you have new business to submit, and our underwriting department provides quick turnaround times, a smooth path to competitive offers, and the proactive communication you need to stay on top of your cases.

Learn about our new business team  See how our underwriting approach is unique

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Discover targeted strategies for clients and improve your sales methods with our concepts.

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