Help your employees save with a 401(k) retirement plan

A 401(k) plan is one of the best ways for people to save enough money to live the life they want in retirement. It’s designed for professionals, has the flexibility to adjust as their needs change and can help them turn their salary into a more comfortable retirement.

A hassle-free retirement certainty1 option for employees.

How can a 401(k) plan help employees save?

To attract and retain employees, you’ll want to work with a financial professional to consider a retirement plan that provides guidance, flexibility and a degree of certainty. For employers, an Equitable 401(k) retirement plan offers effortless management, fiduciary protection, and personalized guidance on striving for some degree of retirement certainty.

Effortless management

For employers, we take care of the heavy lifting by handling the ins and outs of getting their plan set up and running, and keeping it going.

  • You’ll have a dedicated team of professional to help you from start to finish.
  • Use our simple, streamlined website and online tools to track the onboarding process, and manage the steps you need to take.
  • Your personalized dashboard gives you access to the information you need, all in one place.

Fiduciary protection

As a plan fiduciary, you have the option of extra oversight by an independent third party who is required by law to act in employees’ best interest. We provide the option of putting plan investment decisions in the hands of an independent fiduciary support services company. Let either Wilshire Associates or SWBC Retirement Plan Services be the investment fiduciary “watchdog,” and they can manage some or all of the fiduciary responsibilities.

Personalized guidance

Support on their terms
Employees can enroll in their employer’s 401(k) plan in the way that works best for them: in person, over the phone or online.

Education to meet different levels of investment know-how
Our participant website and online tools can be used by employees to help provide guidance on setting retirement goals, determining how much to save and educating themselves, at their own pace, throughout the enrollment process and beyond.

Option for retirement certainty1

While employees can have a variety of investments from which to choose, they may want more certainty in their asset growth. The Equitable Fixed Account1 is designed to accommodate that certainty, which provides a minimum fixed interest on savings, no matter what.

Managed accounts may lead to better outcomes

Managed accounts provide participants the ability to create personalized investment strategies based on their preferences, which may lead to better outcomes.

Increase in Retirement Wealth

7 in 10 participants increased their projected 10-year retirement wealth by an average of 23% net of investment and advice fees.

Higher Contribution Rates and Better Investment Returns

Studies show that participants who use managed account services have higher contributions rates2 and better investment returns3 than those who use TDFs.

The experience of an industry leader

Since 1859, Equitable has helped people build and secure their financial futures. We stand among the nation’s premier providers of life insurance and annuity products, providing stability and reliability to our clients.

1 “Retirement Certainty” specifically refers to the Equitable Fixed Account available through a group fixed annuity issued by and backed by the claims-paying ability of Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company (Equitable Financial). 

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