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When it comes to finances, women tend to look beyond just wealth accumulation to what money can do to help provide a comfortable retirement, a secure future for their loved ones, the resources to take care of parents in their old age and more.

Maybe that's one reason women are increasingly asserting a stronger voice in the financial decisions of their household to ensure their goals are attained.1

Women and Equitable

Women have had a strong leadership role at Equitable since our first female agency manager was appointed in 1881. And we’re proud that our products and financial strategies align with values that many women hold dear, to help provide greater levels of security over the long term, with insurance and tax-advantaged saving and investing strategies that can provide for a wide range of needs and goals.

Small, manageable steps

Finances can seem complex. Sometimes to the point that we aren’t sure where to start or what to do next. Guidance from an our financial professional can help you take the next step and decide what the right move is for your unique situation. They can help you answer the key questions, such as:

  • How much money you need to save for short-term goals (emergency funds, new car, etc.) and how much you need for long-term goals (college for kids, retirement)
  • What kinds of products will help you reach your goals, and balance risks and returns they may offer
  • Whether you need a retirement plan separate from your partner’s
  • Whether your will and estate plan are up-to-date and funded appropriately
  • How you can provide for the financial and physical care of your dependents (children, aging relatives) in the event something should happen to you or your partner
  • Whether annuities are right for you

There’s no time like the present to begin the process. Ask an our financial professional to set up an appointment. At Equitable, we help provide small, manageable steps to help you feel more 

1 (Bloomberg Business, June 2015; Women Should Lead Household Retirement Planning)


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Step 1: 

Identify your goalsStep 2: 

Balance risk and rewardStep 3: 
Understand your now
Step 4: 

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