Hardship circumstances

You may be eligible for a hardship withdrawal if you have experienced one of the following circumstances. Please know that documentation will be required.

If any of these situations apply, start with withdrawal process by logging in or registering for an account online where you can chat with a service representative to get the correct form.

  1. Medical care expenses previously incurred by the employee, the employee’s spouse, any dependents of the employee or the employee’s primary beneficiary under the 403(b) plan, necessary for these persons to obtain medical care.
  2. Costs directly related to the purchase of a principal residence for the employee (excluding mortgage payments) (attach
    supporting documentation); payment of tuition, related educational fees, and room and board expenses for the next 12
    months of post-secondary education for the employee, the employee’s spouse, children, dependents or primary beneficiary under the 403(b) plan.
  3. Payment necessary to prevent eviction of the employee from the employee’s principal residence or foreclosure on the
    residence mortgage.
  4. Payment of funeral expenses for the employee’s spouse, dependent, or primary beneficiary under the 403(b).
  5. Certain expenses relating to the repair of damage to the employee’s principal residence.
  6. Payment for expenses and losses (including loss of income) incurred by the Participant on account of a disaster declared by FEMA under the Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, provided that the participant's principal residence or principal place of employment at the time of the disaster was located in an area designated by FEMA.