1040 Overlay: Review clients' tax returns to find planning opportunities

Place Equitable’s overlay pages on top of your clients’ tax returns (1040) to see where you should be focusing to find planning opportunities in cooperation with clients' CPAs and other advisors.

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How does the strategy work?

Your clients’ tax returns can provide a wealth of information for planning opportunities.  The 1040 overlay points to specific sections of the tax return that you might find helpful and informative – and provides planning suggestions for each.  It’s as easy as lining up the pages.  The 1040 guidebook and transparency overlays provide additional resources to help you decide if additional coverage or planning is necessary. This is also a powerful way to work with tax advisors to show them planning opportunities they may not normally recognize.

Strategy in action

Here’s an example of using the 1040 overlay for hypothetical clients, James and Sarah:

On James and Sarah’s tax return, you can see that they:

Which could mean:

Earn high W-2 income

They may be subject to additional tax on earned income and looking for ways to defer income. If they earn over a certain amount, they may not qualify for deductible IRAs or Roth IRAs, and may want to explore a “Roth IRA Alternative.”

Have interest and dividend income

They may have other assets you don’t know about. You could help them diversify assets into lower-taxed or tax-deferred assets, such as annuities or life insurance.

Take real estate-related deductions

They may own rental property, which is an illiquid asset that requires specialized planning.


Two examples of the overlay with 1040 tax form.


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