Evolving to fit the needs of today's clients Long-Term Care Servicessm Rider

A leading authority on life insurance with a long-term care rider

We offer one of the most comprehensive riders available for your clients' needs. Now, with additional enhancements, our rider adds flexibility to certain Equitable VUL products, plus asset protection without the typical tradeoffs. 

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Our new features include:

Designed with flexibility in mind

If your clients don't need the entire LTC benefit, they still have access to the policy's cash value to supplement their retirement needs.  Additionally, any part of the policy's death benefit not accelerated for LTC needs can still be passed along to your clients' beneficiaries.

No limit who can provide care

We don't limit who can provide care. We expanded the language in our contract so that, once a care plan is in place, the insured can receive care from the person they're most comfortable with.

Built for any policy design

With our rider, the LTC benefit available will always match the policy's death benefit if the client chooses, regardless of how complex the case design. The LTC benefit is anchored to the death benefit, so it's easily defined, even if the policy enters corridor or the insured takes withdrawles or changes the death benefit option.

Less time waiting

Our clients spend less time waiting for long-term care benefits. Both temporary and permanent conditions are allowed. We waive the elimination period for permanent claims, and elimination period for temporary claims is only 90 calendar days.

Look how far we've come

Like our brand, our Long-Term Care Servicessm Rider (LTCSR) is now better than ever.

Our brand has evolved, advanced, and adapted to fit the times-just like our Long-Term Care Servicessm Rider. Today, the LTCSR provides stronger benefits, so clients can face the future with the wisdom to make smart choices for themselves and their family.
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