Loan Application and Loan Repayment Instructions/Process

NJ Higher Education

The following information is required by Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company (“Equitable”) in order to process a loan against your EQUI-VEST Certificate indicated on this form. Before you complete this form, you should review the entire form, including the information following the authorized signatures. You may need to check your records or to request information from your Employer to confirm the information needed to process your loan request. You should also consult your own attorney, accountant, or tax advisor for tax information relating to your own particular situation.


The maximum loan available to you is $50,000 per year, provided you meet all the eligibility requirements – please see official loan form for complete details.  Generally, this amount could be limited by your account value, your highest outstanding loan balance in the last 12 months for any previous loans, as well as any previously defaulted loans, or by your plan administrator.


  1. Read the entire EQUI-VEST Loan Request Form including the Terms and Conditions.
  2. Complete the EQUI-VEST Loan Request Form.
  3. Once signed, submit to your HR department for Employer’s signature.  (THIS IS MANDATORY AND YOUR LOAN WILL NOT BE PROCESSED WITHOUT IT).
  4. Mail the form to the following address:

Express Mail:
EQUI-VEST Processing Office
100 Madison St., Suite 1000
Syracuse, N.Y. 13202

Regular Mail:
EQUI-VEST Processing Office
P.O Box 4956
Syracuse, N.Y. 13221       

Fax Number:
(816) 701-4969

5. Loan Payments

Refer to Terms and Conditions for Loan Payment Requirements.

Mail quarterly and full loan payments to:

Regular Mail:
EQUITABLE EQUI-VEST Loan Payment Lockbox
PO Box 13496
Newark, NJ 07188

Log onto
Repaying is quick, easy and secure

Express Mail:
JPMorgan Chase
4 Chase Metrotech Center, 7th Floor West
Attn: Remit One Lockbox 13496
Brooklyn, NY 11245-0001

The service center will process received forms with complete client info and required signatures and it is signed off on by the Employer of record.  (Loans are not available if the employee has separated from service).  

This Loan Request Form is entered into between you and the Plan indicated on this form. Equitable will perform certain services with respect to the loan on behalf of the Employer. Equitable is not responsible for monitoring compliance with applicable law or the terms of the Plan.

If you have separated from service within The State of New Jersey Retirement Program, The State of New Jersey will not authorize your loan request.

Only one loan is permitted on your Certificate at one time. Should you require additional funds while any portion of a prior loan remains outstanding, the existing first loan must be fully repaid, including all interest due. After full repayment is confirmed, you may request a new loan in the desired amount but the new loan will be subject to the limitations discussed on the front of this form with respect to the maximum loan amount, including the limitation with respect to prior outstanding loan balances during the one-year period ending the day before the new loan is made.

Below is a link of the Plan Document.  Page 16 shows info on vesting in the ABP pertaining to loans.  Delayed Vested members are ineligible from taking a loan.