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At Equitable, we believe financial well-being is about understanding the whole you—your purpose, lifestyle and finances. Here are some insights to help guide you.

When stocks start to experience increased volatility, as they have most recently in the shadow of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it can be a reminder of how important it is to have an investment plan that protects your savings. Learn more.

While women are more likely than ever to be managing their own financial lives, they face a unique set of challenges. But by getting engaged and educated, they can build confidence and competence—and ultimately create stronger, more secure futures. Learn more from Equitable’s partnership with The Atlantic.

Many people look for help as they face the risks of retirement. It can feel overwhelming to generate income for decades as you navigate intersecting perils of a fixed income, market selloffs, inflation and health. Learn more.

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Resources to help you navigate this environment

Please reference our Take Five: February 2022 Outlook and see AB 1Q 2022 Capital Markets Outlook may impact you.

Insights and resources

From market commentary to purpose, lifestyle and finances, we will enrich you with diverse viewpoints and actionable ideas.

Market commentary

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Potential Implications of Russian Invasion of Ukraine on Global Markets
In the wake of an extreme geopolitical event, investors may seek to understand the impact on individual markets. In this analysis, earnings and profit margins may be pressured, and the shape of the yield curve (as ever) is the chart to watch. Read more.
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History points to short-lived volatility around geopolitical events
As investors consider the implications of aggression in Eastern Europe, certain themes are bound to recur—among them, the perils of trying to time the market. In this chart, you may take a lesson from history, as we remember that downturns have sometimes been short-lived during even the most dire events. Read more.
Market volatility

Let us guide you through this period of market volatility to help you make informed choices based on your needs. Read more.

Purpose, lifestyle and finances

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The five questions you should ask your financial professional during market volatility

Often our instinctive reaction in times of market volatility is to pick up the phone and call the person who provides our financial services. Rightfully so. Learn more.

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Using annuities to offer protection when markets go down

Afraid of losing hard-earned retirement savings? Annuities can help protect your money when the market’s in flux. Read more.

Outlook on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

There have been serious escalations in a region that has been a hotspot for tensions between Russia and the West for years and added uncertainty to the global economic outlook. Read more.

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