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A holistic approach to the whole you

At Equitable, we believe financial well-being is about understanding the whole you—your purpose, lifestyle and finances. Here are some insights to help guide you.

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Educators are on the front lines, ensuring students continue to learn, while they, too, battle mental and emotional effects of the pandemic. Learn more about their heroic stories in our latest article in partnership with Atlantic Re:think.

Uncertainty can lead to financial, physical and emotional stress. Making the right kind of plan can help you cope—and move forward. Learn more in our latest article in partnership with Atlantic Re:think

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How to talk to your kids about going back to school (or not)

The academic year is nearly upon us, and with COVID-19 raging across the country, communities are still wrestling over whether to open schools. The uncertainty is likely causing major anxiety for kids. Read on for expert advice to help ease their worries. Read more.

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Beyond finances: Holistic life planning trends
87% of advisors believe that a holistic approach to financial planning is highly effective in helping clients. See how a holistic approach is changing how clients and advisors work together. Read more. 
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Coronavirus is scrambling retirement, but there are ways to move forward
COVID-19 has been adding uncertainty to every dimension of life, including preparing for and living in retirement. Explore ways to adjust and thrive. Read more.

Resources to help you navigate this environment

Please reference our ongoing response to the COVID-19 situation and see our frequently asked questions on how the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act may impact you.

Insights and resources

From market commentary to purpose, lifestyle and finances, we will enrich you with diverse viewpoints and actionable ideas.

Market commentary

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Quick Take: Into the horizon
Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research sees the potential for a sharp economic recovery in the first half of 2021, pushing the U.S. GDP back to 2019 levels by the third quarter. Read more.
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Capital Markets Outlook
U.S. Equity markets performed well in Q2 2020. Yet, despite government measures to help prevent economic disaster, coronavirus and other factors will mean more market volatility requiring focus on downside protection. Read more.
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Market volatility

Let us guide you through this period of market volatility to help you make informed choices based on your needs. Read more.

Purpose, lifestyle and finances

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More than a financial security benefit for family: using life insurance for retirement
September is Life Insurance Awareness Month — a good time to see how life insurance might fit into your retirement plans. Read more.
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Using annuities to offer protection when markets go down
Afraid of losing hard-earned retirement savings? Annuities can help protect your money when the market’s in flux. Read more.
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Digital tools to support school closures due to COVID-19

Information about online learning, digital lessons, creative activities and more to help maintain a sense of normalcy for kids while schools are closed. Read more.

Planning for today and the future

A good plan should encompass elements across your purpose, lifestyle and finances. Here are some ways to get started.

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We are living through a moment of uncertainty, but even now there is still so much we can control — starting with how we choose to live our lives and support those around us, today.

Get inspired

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