Digital tools to support school closures due to COVID-19

Teachers and families are looking for additional support as school closures become the new normal. Equitable has put together a list of websites that provide resources and special tips to help facilitate home learning during these challenging times.

For teachers1

Your school district may have contracts with companies who provide digital resources for their teachers and school staff. Consult with your school’s admin to see if any of these are available. All have special recommendations and resources put together specifically in response to recent school closures.

For parents and students1

School closures have caused disruptions for families across the country. Parents are now playing a bigger role to make sure their children keep learning until schools reopen. Several online resources are available, with dedicated pages offering guidance on what to do while schools are closed.

For more than 160 years,2 Equitable has been helping clients face the future with confidence through many serious events. We are here to support you during these difficult times. If there’s anything we can do, please contact your financial professional.

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