Module 2: Key concepts review

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  • All of the following contribute to a clients' likeability of us:

    1) Positive body language,

    2) Not judging others,

    3) Asking questions

  • _____ is not a natural characteristic. It is not fixed and can be developed.

  • In order to bridge the gap with your client, Dr. Elko encourages you to ask them for a favor.  All of the following apply:

    1) A favor translates to 'I believe in you. You are a friend.'

    2) A favor, due to cognitive dissonance, is a barrier for disliking you.

  • SIMPLE is ____ than COMPLICATED.


  • The three steps to The Candy Apple Effect (become likeable, credible, easily recalled) are the following:
    1) F.O.R.M.,

    2) Asking for Favors,

    3) Decide you like them
  • All of the following apply regarding your relationship with the clients:
    1) Clients would rather you show up as a 'friend' rather than an 'authority'.

    2) Clients say 'yes' when they feel understood
  • The following are ways to move from trusted to credible:
    1) Exposure [finding ways to connect often with client]

    2) Boldness [responding quickly to a client's question]
  • In communicating with clients, _____ offers a greater connection than [encouragement] alone?

    Asking for advice

  • According to Dr. Elko, there is a higher level of connection than 'trusted advisor'. The level is called:
    Credible advisor
  • Referencing the Pygmalion Effect, your client will ____ the model you have of them.
    become (act out)