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Give your employees the tools to deal with stress
April is Stress Awareness Month, and the perfect time to help employees manage the stress in their daily lives.

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4 open enrollment pain points and how small businesses can avoid them
By Thomas Flavin, Head of Distribution Equitable Employee Benefits
Open enrollment can be a headache, especially for small businesses without well-established processes or dedicated HR teams. See how you can overcome the challenges.

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8 time-wasting benefits tasks that can be streamlined with the right technology
If you’re managing an employee benefits program by distributing, collecting, and shuffling paper then inputting information into a computer by hand, it may be time to rethink what you expect from your benefits carrier. With the right employee benefits platform, you can save time and energy in benefits administration – and help your employees select benefits with confidence and ease.

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How to add more value as a benefits broker
As an employee benefits broker, you can offer your clients a substantial amount of information about the marketplace. But, in today’s tech-savvy world, HR professionals may think they can simply research and compare plans online. That means, you need to bring additional value to your client relationships, beyond product expertise.

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How disability insurance helps protect your employee investment
By adding short- and long-term disability insurance to your benefits package, you can help your employees manage a challenging time, so they can be happier, healthier, and more productive at work.

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The softer skills you need in an insurance provider
When you’re a small business, it’s impossible to do everything yourself – especially when it comes to insurance. That’s why partnering with the right insurance provider is such an important step.

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3 ways to position your small business benefits
By Ron Herrmann, Head of Life Insurance and Employee Benefits, Equitable.
How can small businesses position their companies for success and entice new workers into the fold?

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Why offering dental insurance isnt enough
A combination of benefits and education may be necessary for greater employee wellness.

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5 important ways an EAP can help with behavioral health issues
Behavioral health issues can affect the workplace and can cost employers a substantial amount of money. An Employee Assistance Program can help reduce those costs.

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Four small business benefit pain points
According to a recent study, organizations that use benefits as a strategy tool for recruiting and retaining talent reported better overall company performance and above-average effectiveness in recruitment and retention.

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What is the right technology for your small business
Getting the right technology for your small business is critical, especially since it is often one of the best ways to overcome other challenges and accelerate growth.
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