5 ways technology improves employee enrollment

When you decide to offer an employee benefit, you're always taking a bit of a risk. Will your employees see its value and actually elect it during open enrollment? One of the ways to encourage employees to elect the plans that are right for them is to improve your employee enrollment experience – by using technology.

With the right online platform in place, your employees can educate themselves about the options available to them, select the ones that best fit their needs, and easily lock in their choices for the coming year.

Here are a few ways the right technology can help improve the enrollment experience:

  1. Employees can enroll from anywhere. Do you have employees that work remotely – either part-time or full-time? These days, more than one-third of all employees work remotely at least half the time.1 Those employees will be happy to learn about their benefit options and enroll from home.
  2. Everything your employees need is at their fingertips. A sophisticated enrollment platform should include step-by-step instructions, opportunities for further education, as well as the actual enrollment experience. It will be easy for employees to walk through their options and choose the right ones for their needs.
  3. All benefits can be accessed from one place. With the right enrollment platform, your employees can learn about and enroll in all of your employee benefits and services from one location. No more having to access multiple platforms or websites to enroll in all of the benefits they want.
  4. You won't have to worry about data. With data breaches constantly in the news, it's hard not to worry about the security of your (and your employee's) data. A cloud-based enrollment platform is a safer option to help keep information protected.
  5. It's easier for you, too. Not only does the right technology make enrollment easier for your employees, it helps make it easier for you too. You can get real-time, on-demand reports about who's enrolled and who isn't, your data quality is automatically monitored, and your employees' information is easy for you to update when needed.


1  Source: Brie Reynolds, The State of the Remote Job Marketplace. FlexJobs

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