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When you’re ready to move your practice to Equitable Advisors, a dedicated business transition team will help you plan, prepare and execute your move as smoothly as possible – and ultimately support your ongoing efforts.
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Move forward with a proven, personalized onboarding process

  • Both your Business Transition Managers and Market Leader will collaborate with you on a detailed business transition plan that accounts for what’s unique about your practice and clients.
  • Your team stays connected as you move through each step on the onboarding process.

We handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on your clients

  • To save you time and paperwork headaches, we take stock of your clients’ portfolios and move their assets, streamlining the process by pre-populating ACAT and client transfer forms for you.
  • Partner with your local Market Director and our client transfer specialists to move your most complex clients. Together, you can strategize the sequencing of each client’s transition, to increase the likelihood of success with your high-priority clients.

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