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Kenneth Kozlowski, CFP, ChFC, CLU, Chief Investment Officer, Equitable Investment Management Group, LLC
Kenneth Kozlowski, CFP, ChFC, CLU
Chief Investment Officer, Equitable Investment Management

We invite you to read our latest issue of Take Five Views: ESG Investing in Today’s World. Investments with sensitivity to sustainability principles have drawn attention recently. In this edition, our contributors explain that it is not only because these portfolios tended to avoid hard-hit oil stocks.

Goldman’s strategists believe that companies ranked highly for environment-sustainable-governance factors were better prepared for the crisis. BlackRock finds an emphasis on good customer relations among the factors that drove resilience.

Going forward, GAMCO expects that investors will seek to better understand the Health & Safety evaluation of ESG ratings. And we asked global bond manager Brandywine to explain how the crisis might unwind as the world goes back to work.

A new feature this month: Our chief investment officer helps you decode the charts that drive so much activity in the financial markets. He shows how one of our smart-beta subadvisors uses scattergrams to help find companies with attractive ESG sensitivities.

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