BrightLife® Grow Survivorship

Permanent life insurance, such as BrightLife® Grow Survivorship, is a smart addition to many financial plans for your clients who want more ways to protect their families, reduce taxes, and potentially grow their money more quickly over time.

Why choose BrightLife® Grow Survivorship?

Live More

  • Vital life insurance protection for your clients’ families during their working years — and a legacy to leave down the road.
  • Use the policy for your clients’ legacy planning needs.

Keep More

  • The potential for tax-deferred cash value growth and tax-free distributions (when properly structured).
  • A 0 percent floor for the Indexed Options protects against negative market performance.

Build More

  • Participate indirectly in the markets with the Indexed Options — and take advantage of the ability to choose from several strategies that best fit your clients’ needs.
  • Using BrightLife® Grow Survivorship, when compared to a single life policy, can be more efficient for accumulation strategies under certain circumstances.

Product highlights

BrightLife® Grow Survivorship is a flexible premium joint survivorship universal life insurance product with index-linked interest options. It is designed to maximize your clients’ protection efforts with:

  • A lower cost structure developed specifically for accumulation that allows the policy to potentially build cash value more quickly without using high declared rates and the higher charges associated with higher caps.
  • Option to use the Guideline Premium Test as the definition of life insurance — generally more suitable for accumulation-oriented strategies.
  • Choice of eight indexed options — Core, Plus, and Hi Par. Each strategy is designed with your clients’ preferences in mind.
Table of brightlife grow survivorship

BrightLife® Grow Survivorship in action

Retirement income for two, protection for their children

Gary and Darlene

  • Both age 45
  • Married with two teenage children

Goal:  They actively contribute to their 401(k) plans at work but would like another way to save more for retirement in a tax-efficient way.  They are looking for more growth than a savings account, but don’t want too much equity exposure.  They also want to protect their children in case there comes a time when they can no longer provide for them.

Working with their financial professional, Gary and Darlene choose a BrightLife® Grow Survivorship policy.  Here’s how their policy might work over time:

Chart brightlife grow survivorship


The values represented here are for a BrightLife® Grow Survivorship policy on a 45-year-old couple, preferred non-smokers. The values reflect the cost of 20 years of premiums illustrated at a 6 percent gross rate of return and current charges. If the clients were to receive a 0 percent gross rate of return and maximum charges are assessed in the policy, the policy would fail in year 24, by which point $300,000 of cumulative premium would have been paid. Please refer to the basic illustration and policy for more information.

Policy loan and withdrawals will reduce the face amount and cash value of the policy. Clients may need to fund higher premiums to keep the policy from lapsing.

Financial Professionals should run illustrations based on their clients individual circumstances to see how this policy may work for them.

Prospective client

  • Married couple, life partners, or business partners
  • Ages 35-50
  • Have a family, business, or other insurance need
  • Want downside protection with upside potential
  • Looking for additional ways to save tax-efficiently
  • Concerned with equity exposure


  • Optional riders available at an additional charge:3
    • Cash Value Plus Rider
    • Estate Protector Rider
    • Return of Premium at Death Benefit Rider
  • Riders automatically included at no additional charge:3
    • 2% Interest Guarantee Endorsement
    • Living Benefits Rider (terminal illness)
    • Loan Extension Endorsement
    • No-Lapse Guarantee
    • Option to Split upon Divorce Rider
    • Option to Split upon Federal Tax Law Change Rider

Client materials

  • Documents to view or email to clients
    • BrightLife Grow Survivorship Client Brochure
    • BrightLife Grow Survivorship Fact Card
    • Social Security Bridge with BrightLife Grow Survivorship Client Strategy
    • BrightLife Grow Survivorship for Accumulation Case Study
    • Spousal Lifetime Access Trust Client Strategy
    • BrightLife Grow Survivorship: Choosing the Indexed Strategy That Is Right for You

Financial Professional materials

  • Marketing materials
    • Policy Health Checksm Flyer (AXA Advisors)
    • Policy Health Checksm Flyer (Independent)
    • Product and Features Guide
    • BrightLife Grow Survivorship Producer Guide
    • BrightLife Survivorship LTCS Bundle
  • Product materials
    • BrightLife Grow Survivorship Product Guide
    • State Availability Chart
    • New Business Interest Rates
    • BrightLife Grow Survivorship Specimen Contract MONY ICC States
    • BrightLife Grow Survivorship Specimen Riders and Benefits MONY ICC States
    • BrightLife Grow Survivorship Specimen Contract AXA Equitable and Puerto Rico

1 The Plus options offer a higher cap rate for an additional charge.

2 The Hi Par options offer a higher participation rate, at no additional charge.

3 All riders are subject to the terms and conditions of the rider. All riders may not be available in all jurisdictions. Some states may vary the terms and conditions. There may be an additional charge associated with obtaining certain riders. Some riders may not be available in combination with other riders and/or policy features.

Please be advised that this webpage is not intended as legal or tax advice. Accordingly, any tax information provided in this guide for producers is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, by any taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding penalties that may be imposed on the taxpayer. The tax information was written to support the promotion or marketing of the transaction(s) or matter(s) addressed, and clients should seek advice based on their particular circumstances from an independent tax advisor.

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