Nearing or in retirement

Learn how to retire with confidence

Get key information about topics such as social security retirement benefits, turning your assets into income and why safe investing may not be smart investing. Watch videos, read articles and find the information you need to help you retire with confidence.

Close to retirement

Learn how to compare your current savings to the amount you’ll need when you retire, to help ensure a more comfortable future.

7 types of mutual funds you need to understand

To invest wisely, you need to understand what you’re investing in. Learn about seven types of mutual funds you might see in your retirement plan.

6 tips for turning your assets into income

One of the most important decisions you’ll make as you get close to retirement is how to turn your assets into income. Learn what you need to know.

Start creating your investment plan by answering three simple questions

Start creating your investment plan by thinking about how you’ll diversify, how much risk you’ll take and how long you have to invest.

How to leave your retirement money to someone else

When you sign up for a retirement plan, you’re asked to designate a beneficiary. Learn what to consider before making that important decision.

A quick guide to social security benefits

Not all of us will get the same amount from Social Security. Learn your options for starting benefit payments at “full retirement age”, sooner or later.

When do I take a required minimum distribution

After years of contributing to a retirement plan, you’re finally ready to start spending that money. Find out how and when to take distributions.

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