Teacher appreciation letter

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 When you think about the people who influenced you the most as you were growing up, a teacher is likely included on your list.

Most of us could name that special instructor who inspired, challenged, motivated, provoked or otherwise had a transformative effect on our lives. Someone we remember fondly and think, “I was so lucky they were part of my life.”

Teachers spend a lot of time enriching the minds and lives of their students. For that reason, we come together to celebrate our teachers and the wonderful jobs that they do. “Teacher Appreciation Week” is celebrated the first full week in May, from May 8 through May 12 in 2023, honoring our teachers and recognizing the lasting contributions they make in our lives.

At Equitable, we are privileged to serve nearly 800,000 educators in the K-12 public school market. We are inspired and humbled by the educators across our country who have found new ways to reach, support and engage students, despite the recent challenging environment.

Teachers continue to be an inspiration for students, especially seeing how creative they are with delivering lessons, organize fun activities, make sure classmates stay connected, and even send reassuring messages of hope and optimism.

What all of us are learning is just how profound the relationship between teacher and student really is. It goes far beyond lessons and grades. Teachers provide structure, comfort, guidance, and stability—they have and always will be heroes.

This week let’s always remember to acknowledge and honor the vital role educators play, both in our children’s lives and our own.

And, to all the educators who help shape minds, enrich spirits, broaden world views, and even entertain, thank you for caring and being invested in our children’s growth and success. We are forever indebted to you.


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