Introducing Semester Strategies® to your plan participants 

For over 160 years, we have recognized no two employers, no two employees are alike. At Equitable Financial, we’re proud to be a provider for your participant’s retirement needs. We’re excited to introduce a new product feature, Equitable Financial’s Semester Strategies® program, which we’ll need your approval to make available to your plan participants.


Semester Strategies®:

  • With the help of an Equitable Advisors' financial professional, provides a simplified strategy based on their planned retirement age and comfort with changes in the market
  • Introduces an independent third-party that provides oversight on their selected model portfolio within Semester Strategies at no extra cost to them.

Once you approve below, the Semester Strategies® program will become effective to your plan participants and we’ll send them a notification of the program’s availability.

EQUI-VEST® Semester Strategies® plan sponsor enrollment

A few minutes is all you need.

Semester Strategies - Terms and conditions

In order to make the Semester Strategies program available to your participants, you must agree to the following:

SWBC Plan Sponsor Agreement

EQUI-VEST Strategies 900 Prospectus EQUI-VEST Strategies 901 Prospectus

Additional terms

I acknowledge that by authorizing the Semester StrategiesSM program for the plan’s participants: (1) the Semester Strategies program is optional for participants to enroll in at their own election; (2) in order to enroll, each participant will need to enter into their own agreement with SWBC; (3) if the plan sponsor terminates availability of the Semester Strategies program, the plan sponsor must notify Equitable Financial Life Insurance Company at least 45 days in advance. This termination request will also terminate any participant agreements with SWBC in regards to the Semester Strategies program. If the program is terminated, participants have the option to provide new allocation instructions for future contributions and/or transfer their account balances among the available investment options under the contract. If Equitable does not receive new instructions, the participant’s allocation instructions will not change from the allocation instructions set under the program, which was based on the prior Model Portfolio a participant had prior to terminating the program. All account balances will also remain in the investment options based on the prior Model Portfolio under the program.

Review and submit

I have reviewed the current EQUI-VEST Prospectus which includes a detailed description of the optional Semester Strategies program.

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