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A good financial strategy starts with knowing the whole you

Begin by setting goals for yourself and see how much you should be comfortably saving to get to where you want to be.

I am years old and earn a year.

I have saved for retirement and contribute every . Annual salary must be between $20,000 and $500,000. Savings must be between $0 and $9,999,999. Maximum yearly contribution is $19,500 for people aged 49 and under. For people who turn 50 by the end of the year a catch-up contribution allowance of $6,500 is permitted. Contribution cannot be more than annual salary ($).

Working with an advisor* yields more money, more confidence

Higher account balances. More confidence for the future. A common trait among top savers is that they get help from a financial professional to guide smart choices and keep their plan on track as life evolves.

Higher balances

higher balance graphic

Nearly twice the median account balance was achieved when individuals chose to work with a financial professional

Happier with savings

happier savings graphic

18% higher satisfaction with their retirement plan when working with a financial professional

Financial professionals also help clients with...

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Early savings
56% attribute early savings start to working w/ advisor

Understanding your big picture, what's important, setting goals

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Strategic investment advice to grow and protect your money


Find more education and research on the benefits of working with a financial professional in our Enhancing Outcomes whitepaper. Click here to read the full study.


Source: Equitable's Value of the Advisor study, 2018.

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*The use of the terms of “financial advisor” or “advisor” for purposes of the survey questions and responses by both the consumers and the financial advisors queried does not necessarily imply that the individual is a registered investment adviser (RIA). The use of these two terms is meant in a general sense of the word or phrase to describe working with an investment advisor, a licensed insurance agent or other financial professionals who may sell annuity products.