Where long-term care fits in


By Dr. Sandra Timmermann, nationally recognized gerontologist and expert in aging and retirement. Learn more about Dr. Timmermann.


When we plan for retirement, many things are on our mind. One thing that we generally don’t address in the retirement planning process, however, is the possibility that we may need long-term care some day or that we may end up being a caregiver for a spouse, parent or even a child.

Facing up to that reality can be hard, but getting a plan in place will enable you to stay in control of your life, determine where you will live and allow you to stay at home as long as possible, help to preserve your assets, and support your family and their caregiving responsibilities. 

What you can do

Below are ten suggestions for you and your family as you consider long-term care risk and where it fits in to your retirement planning process.

About Dr. Sandra Timmermann

Dr. Sandra Timmermann is a nationally recognized gerontologist and expert in aging and retirement. AXA is now working with her to provide you with information around aging issues and options to address the potential need for long-term care. As part of her work, she covers retirement finances, family needs and intergenerational relationships, housing and aging in place and other transitional topics.

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