Module 5: Key concepts review

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  • According to Dr. Elko, 'Turning Pro' means all of the following:

    1) Knowing what to think when you think about yourself.
    2) Having critical conversations with yourself about yourself.
    3) Letting go of who you were (or are) and becoming who you're meant to be.

  •  A lion (a pro) gains strength by all of the following:

    1) Claiming it!
    2) Acting their way into thinking!

  • To become 'The Lion', the following are some of your daily focuses:

    1) Identifying your daily fight; daily hunt.
    2) Identifying what is going to keep you hunting.

  • The following are characteristics of 'The Lion':

    1) Chooses to eat everyday.
    2) Their choices built their 'Greatness DNA' (cellular memory).

  • You will most likely feel underpaid without this type of salary:
    Psychological (Serve Others)
  • ______ will only run if they are hungry. They are ok with 'getting by' with just enough.
  • When your alter ego operates from choice and not feelings, you represent the:
  • Personal and professional comfort, lack of faith, waiting (ignoring the call) and being mad at yourself keeps you from:
    Turning Pro
  • The Lion dominates in its jungle with:
  • Dr. Elko encourages you to _____ it to be tough and instead of feeling the pressure, ______.
    Expect, apply the pressure