Module 4: Key concepts review

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  • In 'Bridging the Gap' with your client during times of change, the first thing to place focus on is:

    Adopting a set of thoughts (mindset) for all the rapid changes

  • A little ____ is good, yet ____ is not productive.

    Anxiety, panic
  • When using 'The Great Teacher Model', these are words you must use:

    1) "We" 2) "Because"
  • In advancing your creativity in communication, the best thing to do is:

    Let go. Don't force it. Learn as you go.

  • According to the study Dr. Elko referenced, after 'teaching' your client, its imperative that you follow-up. All are factors of why you should follow-up:
    1) It is found that only 10% of the material taught is actually understood. It's an opportunity to reteach. 2) Through reconnection, it gives you the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with extended family members.
  • Dr. Elko highlights that 'the great ones' keep things:
    Simple and precise. Easy to grasp.
  • 'I need to change.' 'I need to get into the moment.' are examples of:
    Now what?
  • 'ONE, PRECISE CENTRAL THEME WE WANT TO BE REMEMBERED FOR' is an example of this 'M' of 'What If?':
  • In this stage of 'The Great Teacher Model', you are given the opportunity to follow-up, reteach and ask for the business:
    4) Check for understanding
  • When change happens in _______, the best question to ask yourself is, 'How can I be creative in connecting?'