Module 3: Key concepts review

Read the question and click on the green arrow at the right to see the answer.

  • According to Dr. Elko, people are naturally wired to _______; therefore, its imperative to create latent pain (so they can feel it without ever experiencing it).

    Avoid pain

  • 'If only' and 'Here are the way things are headed' are two 'positive-negative' openers to help you in painting a picture for your client. Using G.O.A.L., these are presented at:

    G - Going
  • In painting a picture for your client, its most important that they:

    Feel it!
  • Dr. Elko encourages you to choose to be a __________! Set the temperature (control your response) vs. allowing the outside temperature to control your response.


  • We, including our client(s), need a certain amount of ______ in order to throw us (them) into action.
  • This word is imperative to use in order to create a partnership with your client:
  • To successfully paint a picture for your client in [A]lternative and [L]evel phases of G.O.A.L., you must consider all of the following:

    1) Paint with faith.
    2) Paint vision, not circumstance.
    3) Paint new beginnings, not disappointments.

  • In [A]lternative phase, your communication should be the following:
    Short, sweet, and sticky
  • In practicing Dr. Elko's G.O.A.L. process, these two are considered positive-negatives and are needed to set the foundation for 'high gain' critical conversation:
    [G]oing & [O]utcome
  • This person has faith that things can and will go well and steps forward accordingly.
    Strategic optimist