Module 1: Key concepts review

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  • 'Like them first. Decide later.' is best described as a form of:
  • Your primary goal is to listen in order to:
  • Its most 'critical' to get command of your client _____ you take command of yourself.


  • When asking your client(s) critical questions, you should be more:
    Interested than interesting
  • The acronym F.O.R.M. stands for:
    F = Family, O = Organization, R = Recreation, M = Mission
  • The following are all ways of taking command of you:

    1) a blank mind.

    2) listening for ' shoulds' and talk back to them.

    3) taking a deep breath.
  • Transference (transfer of energy) occurs _____. This transfer can be to either your detriment or advancement.
    ALL the time
  • According to various studies, a client makes decisions and/or purchases primarily based on:
    Feeling you care about them and they matter to you
  • Dr. Elko states that in order to have a 'blank mind' you must:
    Choose to be neutral and get locked in
  • High gain interaction, connection points and identifying family differences are benefits of:
    Critical Questions