The softer skills you need in an insurance provider

When you’re a small business, it’s impossible to do everything yourself – especially when it comes to insurance. There’s not enough time or resources, and the last thing you want to do is divert your attention from your core business to handle claims issues or answer benefit questions if you don’t have to. That’s why partnering with the right insurance provider is such an important step. It frees up your time and puts specific functions in the hands of experts who can handle your business’s insurance needs efficiently.

However, selecting the right insurance provider isn’t always easy. Besides making sure the company you partner with has the insurance products, services and technology to do what you need them to do, you’ll also want to make sure they have the softer skills that will make working with them more enjoyable and effective. So, before you select a service provider, consider the following questions:

  1. Will they evolve with you? All businesses are looking to grow, but small businesses, especially, are always looking for ways to get bigger, better and more profitable. Make sure your insurance partners are willing to take your feedback and evolve and grow with you – because what you need today may not be what you need tomorrow.
  2. Are they willing to build a true relationship? In some cases, you’ll need to reach out to your insurance providers for quick help with one-time setup or administration questions. But, in most cases, it’s well worth your time to find insurance providers who are committed to partnering with you to meet your unique, long-term needs – even if they change over time. Having a true partner you can count on can save you time and energy, and help your small business become more streamlined and cost effective.
  3. Will they go the extra mile? Whether you’re calling with a question, request or complaint, whoever you talk to on the phone should be accountable and empowered to help get you the answers or resolution you need. You don’t want to waste your time getting transferred from person-to-person, so do some research and look at reviews to see how others have fared before you commit to a provider.

By partnering with an insurance provider who shares your relationship philosophy and is willing (and capable) of evolving with you, you’ll give your business an even better chance of growing and thriving – today and in the future.

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