8 time-wasting benefits tasks that can be streamlined with the right technology

If you’re managing an employee benefits program by distributing, collecting, and shuffling paper then inputting information into a computer by hand, it may be time to rethink what you expect from your benefits carrier.  With the right employee benefits platform, you can save time and energy in benefits administration – and help your employees select benefits with confidence and ease.

When shopping for an employee benefits carrier, look for one that has technology that will help you streamline these otherwise time-wasting tasks:

  1. Keep track of all your benefits in one place – Not all technology is compatible. However, with an open architecture platform, you can manage all of your benefits – medical and ancillary products such as life, disability, dental and vision -- from a single website, making it easier and quicker for you to do your job.


  2. Enroll your employees – Gone are the days where you’d need to enroll employees via group meeting and paper handouts. With the right technology, all of this can happen online – for all of the medical and ancillary benefits you offer. Your employees can educate and enroll themselves and their families in the benefits that work best for them. You can even increase participation levels by getting real-time enrollment tracking.


  3. Update employee status – When an employee gets married, has a child, or experiences another life event, you no longer need to have them fill out a piece of paper, call the carrier, or wait for the updated status to appear on your bill. The right platform will let you update employee status quickly online – and it will automatically show up on your next bill.


  4. Pay for benefits and handle payroll deductions – With the right benefits platform, you can reduce paperwork and receive and pay a single bill for all of your medical and ancillary products, all from the comfort of your computer, mobile phone, or tablet.


  5. Make informed decisions – Instead of gathering and crunching the numbers yourself, let your benefits platform create and share custom reports on demand, so you can make more informed decisions about the benefits you’re offering.


  6. Manage claims – It’s easy to get bombarded with questions about claims – What will they cover? When will they pay? – which can eat up a lot of your time, unless you have access to that information online, through your benefits platform.


  7. Educate your employees – The right benefits technology will give your employee the information they need to make decisions confidently, using interactive education tools. It may even provide tailored recommendations based on their personal situation and provide access to coverage and current contribution information, helping them manage their benefits from anywhere, any time.


  8. Provide the right forms – It’s time to get rid of paper forms, once and for all. Your carrier’s benefits platform should provide online access to any of the forms you or your employees need to make changes, update status, and other important tasks.

With the right employee benefits platform, you can save time and streamline your HR tasks, by virtually eliminating the need to print, distribute, collect, and input paper forms and information. Not only can this make your benefits administration simpler, quicker, and easier, it may also help your employees become more confident in selecting and managing their benefits, which can keep them happier and healthier overall.

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