6 reasons to continue benefits communication all year round

When open enrollment is over, many may think there is no longer a need for benefits communications. However, there are several reasons to continue those communications all year round:

  1. Employees may still need education.
    Even after signing up for a particular benefit, employees many not be fully aware of all plan features. This is especially true if any new benefits were introduced. Employees may need additional communications to let them know what their benefits cover, how to use their benefits and why they should take full advantage of them.

  2. Small, consistent communications work best.
    Employees often receive enrollment information all at once. But, to truly digest all of the information about their benefits, most need smaller, bite-sized pieces that come to them consistently throughout the year. Consider sending tips for how to use different benefits, reminders for using benefits at different times of the year, and reasons to use benefits.
  3. Not everyone learns the same way.
    Some people learn best by reading. Others learn better by watching videos or participating in group discussions. Consider engaging employees about their benefits using a variety of media throughout the year – such as emails, social media, videos, web content, and live video and audio chat sessions. That way, you can make sure everyone is able to learn about their benefits in the way that works best for them.
  4. People forget what they have.
    If benefits communications are only sent during enrollment, employees may not remember all the benefits they have and how and why they should use them. These days, employees are juggling a lot – with at-home schooling for kids, caring for elderly parents or sick family members, and working from home. It’s easy to forget to make a dental appointment or get your vision checked. Consistent reminders can help them make the most of the benefits they have.
  5. Help eliminate common benefit mistakes.
    Because enrollment often comes quickly, not all employees truly understand what is available to them. It’s important to provide benefits education all year – so that when open enrollment comes along, employees already know what they need and are ready to make smart decisions for themselves and their families.
  6. Keeping employees engaged with their benefits will benefit employers.
    Having a solid employee benefits program can help attract and retain employees. With a year-long communication plan in place, employees can better understand the value of their benefits and how to use them.
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