Protecting your Equitable account

We take our responsibility to protect your Equitable accounts and contracts very seriously. To help fulfill that responsibility, we will send you various communications throughout the year.

Communications you’ll receive from us

  • Trade confirmations show the amount of any security purchased or sold, the price paid or received and any commissions or fees charged to you.
  • Statements show all account activity within the statement period and include information such account values, account fees, transfers of funds, etc.
  • Confirmation letters confirm certain instructions you have given us, including mailing address changes, updates to your investment objectives or instructions from you concerning the payment of funds and/or the transfer of securities to a third party.

If you see any unfamiliar or incorrect information in a communication you receive, contact us right away.

More tips to help you protect your account

Review your confirmations and statements promptly for accuracy.

If you’d like to have duplicate confirmations or statements sent to someone you trust, such as an accountant, attorney or a family member, please let us know.

You should never be asked to make a payment directly to an Equitable Financial Professional or other employee for the purchase of an investment through Equitable.

  • For brokerage business, payment should be made to “LPL Financial” (the clearing agent for Equitable Advisors)
  • For variable annuity and insurance business, checks should be made payable to “Equitable,” or “Equitable America” as applicable.

We are committed to protecting your confidential personal and financial information now and in the future. Please do not hesitate to contact with any questions you may have regarding our consumer protection policies.