Steps Equitable takes to protect your identity

Equitable is committed to safeguarding all confidential information we may obtain about you through a combination of technical, administrative and physical safeguards.

Confirmations will be sent to you for changes to your address and online passwords. If you request these changes and don’t receive a confirmation – or receive a confirmation and did not request changes – please call our customer service representatives immediately.

Confirmations will also be sent to you when you request eDelivery of certain documents.

Equitable will never send you an e-mail or send you a link to our website asking for confirmation of your passwords or to verify your confidential information unless you have previously asked us to do so.  Unsolicited requests you receive may be attempts at phishing and should be treated with extreme caution. 

Secure email

Equitable and its affiliates are committed to keeping all personal information we have about you confidential and secure.  That’s why we’ve established our Send Secure Email process.

When an Equitable service representative or your Equitable advisors financial professional needs to send you confidential information quickly, you may agree to receive it via email.  To make sure that any confidential information is protected on its way to you, we will use Send Secure Email.

Click here to learn more about secure email

Website Security

Information you submit through our Website, as well as information we send back to you while you are visiting our Web site, is protected while passing through the Internet. We protect it when necessary with 128-bit encryption via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. We recommend that you use a browser that uses a 128-bit level of encryption. When you are in a secure environment, you will see an icon of a closed lock or a solid key in the bottom bar of your browser, depending on the browser.

Call us if you have any questions.