“We know there are systemic injustices across society that are bigger than any one individual, but all of us together must be a part of the solution. We at Equitable are committed to this and have established a taskforce to advance racial equity to ensure we continue to be a force for good.”
— Mark Pearson, CEO 

The CEO Taskforce to Advance Racial Equity

Our mission

Be the most sought-after employer for Black professionals by shattering racial inequities in our workplace and building an Equitable that supports and invests in the careers and well-being of our Black employees and financial professionals.

Our commitments

The Taskforce has a range of ambitious goals to develop an effective, sustainable approach for building a fair and more equitable environment for all people and diversity groups at Equitable. Our committed outcomes by 2023 are focused in three areas: representation and advancement, culture and experience, as well as performance.

Representation and advancement

We will strengthen representation by substantially expanding the number of leadership roles filled by Black employees, financial professionals and district managers. 

Culture and Experience
We want to make Equitable a great place to work for Black employees. The Taskforce will help create spaces for dialogue and idea exchanges. It will also focus on the implementation of sound policies and practices to create stronger psychological safety at all levels of the company.
We want to ensure that equitable performance indicators for Black employees are in place, and we provide the tools and resources to help ensure the success of our Black financial professionals.

Our commitment to achieving an equitable society

Our team

The CEO Taskforce to Advance Racial Equity plays a vital role in our efforts to ensure strong representation and success of Black employees and financial professionals. Learn more.

Images of the CEO taskforce members

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