Retirement articles

Retirement savings vehicles

The decisions you make on how you receive your retirement funds will have varied long-term consequences that should be carefully considered.
Both traditional and Roth IRAs feature tax-advantaged growth of earnings.
An IRA can become the cornerstone of your personal retirement savings program, providing the foundation for your financial security.
A Roth IRA allows you to receive tax-free distributions of your retirement funds in return for making nondeductible contributions now. 
As you make decisions, think about your overall retirement plan. 

Saving for retirement 

See if you qualify for The Saver's Credit, a dollar-for-dollar reduction in income tax. 
One reason annuities can be an attractive consideration is that they can help build more value over time.
You'll generally need at least 70% of your final working years' income each year to maintain your lifestyle after retiring. 
A defined benefit plan guarantees you a certain benefit when you retire.
You can't just look at the offer itself; you have to consider your total financial picture.

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