The Accumulator® Series

Protect income, preserve a legacy, participate in the market.

Longevity, inflation, and market volatility are the challenges of retirement planning. Complicated? It doesn't have to be. Accumulator can help.

Protect income in turbulent markets

Elect the Guaranteed Minimum Income Benefit for an additional fee, offering a combination of retirement income generation at a guaranteed rate and flexibility that allows investors to start, change, or even stop withdrawals on their terms

Participate in the market

Investors can select an already diversified portfolio that suits a certain investing style, or build a customized portfolio with access to the expertise of well-known investment managers. All with tax-deferred growth opportunities to help reach retirement goals.

Preserve a legacy

Investors can select one of three Guaranteed Minimum Death Benefit options for the level of protection that suits individual needs.

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Important Note
Equitable believes that education is a key step toward addressing your financial goals, and we've designed this material to serve simply as an informational and educational resource.  Accordingly, the information on this website does not offer or constitute investment advice and makes no direct or indirect recommendation of any particular product or of the appropriateness of any particular investment-related option.  Your needs, goals and circumstances are unique, and they require the individualized attention of your financial professional. 

The contingent withdrawal charge declines from 7% over a seven-year period for the Series B product. Please see the prospectus for the withdrawal charge scale for other annuities in the Accumulator® Series. Withdrawals from annuities are subject to ordinary income tax and if taken prior to age 591/2 may be subject to an additional 10% federal tax.

If you are being advised by a financial professional to purchase an annuity contract to fund an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or employer-sponsored retirement plan, you should be aware that such annuities do not provide tax-deferral benefits beyond those already provided by the Internal Revenue Code. Before purchasing one of these annuities, you should consider whether its features and benefits beyond tax deferral meet your needs and goals. You may also want to consider discussing with your financial professional the relative features and benefits of these annuities with any other investment that you may use in connection with your retirement plan or arrangement.

You should consider the charges, risks, expenses, and investment objectives carefully before purchasing a variable annuity. For a prospectus containing this and other information, please click on the link above. Read it carefully before investing or sending money.

Equitable, upon advance notice to the purchaser, may at any time exercise its rights to discontinue acceptance of contributions, as well as change minimum and maximum contribution requirements and limitations, subject to state approval.

When the GMIB is elected the investor is required to participate in the Asset Transfer Program. This program is designed to help manage the risk associated with protecting the value of the guaranteed retirement income during extended periods of poor account performance by using mathematical formulas to automatically transfer a percentage of the account value from equity-based variable investment portfolios to the AXA Ultra Conservative Strategy asset allocation portfolio, which has a target investment mix of 90% bonds and 10% equity. On a monthly basis, mathematical formulas are used to determine if a transfer is needed and if needed, how much should be transferred. Movement of account value into the ATP occurs automatically. The investor cannot directly allocate a contribution into the AXA Ultra Conservative Strategy portfolio or request a transfer of account value into the AXA Ultra Conservative Strategy portfolio. As market conditions improve, values in the AXA Ultra Conservative Strategy portfolio may be moved back (based on the formulas) into the investment portfolios of choice; however, it is possible that the investor will miss a market recovery during the period of time the account value is allocated to the AXA Ultra Conservative Strategy portfolio.

For costs and complete details, speak to your financial professional/insurance-licensed registered representative. Certain types of contracts, features and benefits may not be available in all jurisdictions. We offer other variable annuity contracts with different fees, charges and features. Not every contract is available through the same selling broker/dealer.

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