Brokerage and advisory accounts

Professional strategy and asset allocation

Many financial plans include at least some weighting in stocks and/or mutual funds. While historically equities have tended to rise in value over the long term, they carry a certain amount of risk, both for long- and short-term investors.

It is therefore imperative that you have realistic financial goals and investment objectives in place before you begin to invest.

Whether you are a seasoned or novice investor, the information in these links can help you learn about different types of financial products and services and which may be appropriate for you given your unique circumstances.

Optimum Market Portfolios

A sophisticated asset allocation strategy that includes Optimum Funds, a series of mutual funds from Delaware Investments1, and automatic portfolio rebalancing.


One step portfolio

Strategic Asset Management

Uses strategic asset allocation to provide the ability to buy, sell, and hold a wide variety of investments, including but not limited to stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, all in one convenient account.  

Guidance option

Personal Wealth Portfolios

A convenient, one account approach for using a combination of separately managed accounts, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), or just separately managed accounts.

Guidance option

Manager Select

A traditional separately managed account program that gives you the ability to access premier providers of private wealth management services without extremely high account minimums2

Respected Managers
Personal team

Model Wealth Portfolios

Helps you realize your goals through an asset allocation strategy that provides a disciplined investment process backed by expert resources.

Expertly managed
High caliber

Brokerage and investment advisory account investments are subject to market risk including loss of principal.

Please consider the charges, risks, expenses, and investment objectives carefully before purchasing a mutual fund. For a prospectus containing this and other information, please contact a financial professional. Read it carefully before you invest or send money.

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