If you suspect that the Equitable or Equitable Advisor brands are being used by someone perpetrating a fraud, contact us immediately by filling out the fraud form below, sending an email to the ReportFraud@equitable.com, or by calling the Fraud Hotline 212-314-6600.

What's the difference between fraud, an ethics misconduct issue, privacy, and a complaint?

Fraud can occur when someone attempts to obtain something of value by misrepresentation.

Ethics misconduct issues are interactions with Equitable employees or Financial Professionals where you have specific concerns with unethical or illegal activity. Please refer the matter through the Ethics Hotlines 844-977-0471 or visit Equitable ethics point website.  

“Complaints” are related to dissatisfaction with how you were treated in the course of business.  You may lodge a complaint by calling the Customer Service department that handles your product type. Please see our Contact Us page for all phone numbers.

The privacy of your data and ensuring the safety of your information is of the highest importance to our business. For more information on how Equitable uses your personal data, contact us through the Privacy Hotline 877-806-4573 or visit our Privacy page.  

Report suspected fraud

If you suspect that the Equitable or Equitable Advisors brands are being used by someone perpetrating a fraud, don’t keep it to yourself.  Contact us immediately.




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Report Suspected fraud

This form uses encryption technology to protect your personal information. Please note that we cannot accept any policy transactions including fund transfers, withdrawals and surrenders through this e-mail form. The Customer Service section, accessible from the home page, provides phone numbers, mailing addresses and printable forms for transaction requests.