Why a holistic life planning approach?

We are a company based on relationships. The stronger those relationships are, the stronger we become. Holistic life planning is an approach to planning and relationship building that's designed based on insights from behavioral science.


Building Relationships

where clients see you as their ally in life transforms negative attitudes into positive ones and helps improve client outcomes.



of financial professionals believe it is beneficial is it to take a broader view of your clients beyond financial measures, however only 58% feel knowledgeable about their clients' non-financial goals.*



of consumers agree that developing a financial plan means taking into account every part of your life, not just money.*


Connecting Goals

to a greater vision and motivation increases the likelihood that clients will achieve their goals.

* Source: Investment News/Equitable study, 2020. For purposes of this discussion, “advisor” is used as a general term to describe insurance/annuity, investment sales, and advisory professionals who may hold licensing as insurance agents, registrations with broker-dealers, and registrations as investment advisory representatives (IAR) of registered investment advisors, respectively. “Advisor” in this context is not intended to necessarily refer to IAR- offered fee-based financial advisory/planning services.

How we’ll do it

A good financial strategy isn’t just about money, it’s about the whole person. That’s why understanding how someone prioritizes their purpose, lifestyle choices, and finances is important. Holistic life planning isn’t about reinventing the wheel, or becoming something you aren’t. It’s a lens we can apply to the work we do every day. As you bring holistic life planning to life in your practice, keep these shifts in mind, which many financial professionals are already applying:

A sales mindset
A relationship building mindset
Discussing financial goals
Discussing client's vision for life
Focusing on client finances
Focusing on client purpose, lifestyle, and finances

What is holistic life planning? Is it a product, an initiative, or something else?

Holistic life planning is first and foremost a mindset shift. Rather than seeing people just for their finances, we want Equitable Advisors financial professionals to see our clients as whole people. This mindset shift then sets the stage for future products, services, and initiatives.

What can I expect next?

We will be releasing a few tools that infuse holistic life planning into your practice even further. We are offering a preview of some of these on the pages of this site.

How does holistic life planning help my business?

Holistic life planning is premised on the idea that by paying attention to all aspects of our clients' lives—lifestyle, purpose, and finances—we are better able to forge relationships that last a lifetime. These types of relationships and the holistic life planning mindset may not only more successful, but they may lead to more referrals over the long term.

Is there formalized holistic life planning training?

We’re considering it. We are exploring potential curricula formats and vendors, but we want to see how you respond to this microsite first. Please feel free to submit feedback to hlpservice@equitable.com

How is this different from what I already do?

Holistic life planning is based on the great things you are doing already. For the time being, we are simply putting structure around some best practices, and offering guidance that make it easy for you to execute holistic life planning in your own practice.

How can I learn more?

If you would like to learn more about holistic life planning please contact hlpservice@equitable.com