Leadership bios

Bill Eckert 

Chief Accounting Officer

Darryl W. Gibbs

Chief Diversity Officer

Dave Hattem

Chief Legal Officer and Secretary

Mike Healy

Chief Information Officer

Jeffrey Hurd

Chief Operating Officer

Steve Joenk

Chief Investment Officer

Adrienne Johnson

Chief Transformation Officer

David Karr

Chairman of Equitable Advisors

Nick Lane

President of Equitable

Anders Malmstrom

Chief Financial Officer

Hillary Menard

Chief Innovation and Design Officer

Robin Raju

Head of Individual Retirement

Meredith Ratajczak

Chief Actuary

Aaron Sarfatti

Chief Risk Officer

Steve Scanlon

Head of Group Retirement

Gina Tyler

Chief Communications Officer

Connie Weaver

Chief Marketing Officer

Stephanie Withers

Chief Auditor of Equitable Holdings