Intern program

Co-workers working together
Summer intern program:

Our 10-week summer internship program combines on-the-job training with professional development activities where you will enhance your skills while making meaningful contributions to company initiatives. Whether you’re working in agile teams or testing and learning, your ideas will be embraced. Learn more about our program here

Here are what former interns had to say about their experience:

“This internship has not only given me so many opportunities but also taught me things I am trying so hard to educate myself on in my daily life. Thanks again.” 
  -- EP, 2020 Summer Intern

“My experience at Equitable is a great combination of active engagement and continuous learning!”
  -- KP, 2020 Summer Intern

“Being matched with a mentor across a different business sphere in the company gave me the access and opportunity to learn new materials and further strengthen my skills heading into the job market.”
 -- MM, 2020 Summer Intern

“Interning at Equitable has allowed me to grow so much both professionally and personally. Because of this internship, I feel confident in my ability to thrive in a corporate setting and have grown the skills to do so."
-- FZ, 2021 Summer Intern 

“I have been able to work with, learn from, and shadow individuals from executive management positions to associate positions, which has illustrated the inclusive and collaborative business environment at Equitable.”
-- JK, 2021 Summer Intern